unschooling: mythological creatures park

 photo 5DE439D9-341A-49E1-9471-054E7D769B46-6880-0000054E25D92B92_zpsc2896a69.jpg photo 8043A702-F5D7-4921-A988-D9685AA48ADF-6880-0000054E2EAFE98E_zpsd132571e.jpg photo 2C9EB008-EB14-46CC-8300-1CC5F426DF8A-6880-0000054E3917BBD3_zps632c3f29.jpg photo A9423894-9818-428F-BA52-7B59C354B8AF-6880-0000054E45C7322D_zps038e76ce.jpg photo EFDAC0B8-4F2E-4746-99E4-1CED9459BBC1-6880-0000054E3FE9B809_zps53b79a72.jpg

if you follow this blog religiously, like you all do, then you know that we { read that as I } have a soft spot for the mythological creatures fountain near the santa maria. it has some official name but i don’t know it. we packed a picnic lunch and spent some time reading, relaxing and building houses for ants.

first, i must tell you: i made the most bomb ass peanut butter sandwiches. they were fresh honey roasted peanut butter with some of our fresh strawberry preserves. i took that picture to commemorate it here forever.

darla ran around the park for a while, then ate and ignored me while I was all crazy and trying to read books to her. she was too busy making “creations” of paper dolls and building houses for ants. i eventually scrapped the books and helped her build her ant homes. it was a smart move to flow where her natural interests were at the moment. i showed her how to make a cube and we had a nice discussion about that. we spent some time looking at the santa maria, talking about boats and portugal and chistopher columbus.

i’ll always remember this unschooling outing as it was the last we’ll have on RuJu. we also learned a valuable lesson about bike thievery while downtown. this is one of those moments that i wish this blog was famous and some bike company would swoop in with a sponsorship opportunity and give me a new one…but no. we’ll get it worked out somehow on our own.

but really that bike sponsorship thing would be handy. can someone work on that?

anyway, thanks for checking in on our unschooling adventures.


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