the cloth

so here’s the poop scoop from when the wrucker family used cloth diapers.

the long and short of it is that i was supremely happy with using cloth diapers and would probably start hypothetical baby #2 in them earlier. the majority of our positive experience could be attributed to our cloth diaper service, bundle of joy, which i am now promoting to all you columbus readers.

we started darla on cloth diapers around 10 months. she completed potty training shortly after her two year mark, probably 26 months or so. i do think the cloth diapers helped greatly in having her potty trained early.

our service supplied everything. all that was required of us was to dump poop into the toilet and discard soiled diapers into diaper pail. our used diapers were picked up once a week and fresh ones delivered. easy peesy mac and cheesy.

disposable diapers are the second biggest component in american landfills, falling just behind disposable restaurant containers. thanks starbucks. and you know how big a diaper swells when it hasn’t been changed in a while, well it expands about 5x that in our landfills thanks to the super absorbent gel contained in most brands. just think of the reduction in waste that could be achieved by parents going back to cloth diapers? this certainly was a motivation for me. also, the average age of a cloth diapered falls between 18-24 mos depending on research sources. the average age of a disposable diapered child is 36 months. that’s a whole year of diapers i didn’t have to change! a whole year of diapers i didn’t have to buy and throw away!

i think the only part of cloth diapers i didn’t like was dumping the poo into the toilet. but once i learned that people really SHOULD dump solid waste into the toilet instead of into landfills then i started trying to do it with darla’s disposables, too.  (she wasn’t exclusively cloth diapered, we had some disposable training pants around that we could take with us if we were going to be out and about all day.) so dumping the poop just became something i got used to.

well, there’s that. if you are interested in joining Bundle of Joy Cloth Diaper service be sure to mention MomJeanz as your source for this offer:  sign up for at least a month of service, and we will waive the two start up fees (which is $35.00 for the start up kit, which includes the pail, liner, Snappi and deo disks and then another $35.00 for the first month of diaper cover rental). If they sign up from reading your MomJeanz, we will give them 10% off of their monthly service fee for the first six months as well!

you can find all their information on their website links above.

happy diapering to all you parents out there.


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