Bundle of Joy & The Great Cloth Diaper Change

have any of you diapering parents heard about The Great Cloth Diaper Change? In conjunction with Earth Day, a Guiness record for changing the most cloth diapers at one time is being attempted on April 21st.

I wanted to become involved somehow but since Darla is no longer in diapers i thought i’d just have to sit back and watch the results. that is until i thought about using the opportunity to toot the horn of our old cloth diapering service via the wonderful magicness that is the internet.

Our old service, Bundle of Joy, is offering a promotional deal to MomJeanz readers who sign up before April 21st. I think the simplest and most time efficient way to relay this deal is to cut and paste our correspondence. here goes:

i’m a former customer and writer of MomJeanz. i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a readership offer for any new customers who join your service between now and April 21st for the great cloth diaper change?  I wanted to become involved with the Great Change but no longer have a child in diapers. I loved your service and thought offering a deal for my readers would be an excellent way to bring new customers to cloth and get rid of a small percentage of those disposables!

Bundle of Joy reply:

Good afternoon!

We would love to participate in your promotion for the great cloth diaper change! The offer we would like to promote is to sign up for a month of service, and we will waive the two start up fees (which is $35.00 for the start up kit, which includes the pail, liner, Snappi and deo disks and then another $35.00 for the first month of diaper cover rental). If they sign up from reading your blog, we will give them 10% off of their monthly service fee for the first six months as well!

Thank you,

Bundle of Joy
Diana McCartney
(O) 614.335.4828
(F) 877.993.4273

There you have it Columbus. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch you might as well do it now with such a great deal. I’ll do a few follow up posts about our positive experience with cloth diapering and some tips.

The website has directions for signing up. A form is to be filled out and emailed so make sure when you call AND/OR email you mention MomJeanz to get the fees waived and 10% off your service for the first six months.

feel free to email me as well if you have any questions elaine dot tucker at gmail dot com.


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