spring tradition

so here’s the thing about me: i like fantastical creatures. Faeries, mermaids, dragons, imps, gnomes, hobbits, especially hobbits. you get the drift? when a friend tipped me off to the story behind our little Root Children print i decided to start a new spring time tradition with darla. and i think it might become more fun for me than for her because it means i get to drag her further into my world of make believe – i really do believe mermaids are out there. somewhere. waiting for me.

on March 20 darla is going to get a visit from the root children. i’m looking forward to putting together little surprises for her to find on the first day of spring left behind by these bug-sized heralds of the vernal equinox. she enjoyed the st. nicholas’ day surprises so much so i’m sure this addition to our holiday calendars will be a hit, too.

the first step to this plan required the purchase of the Story of the Root Children by Sibylle Von Olfers on amazon. i am so excited to read this book to darla the week leading up to spring.  actually it will probably be read to her before then but my plan is to read it every night the week leading up to march 20.

we all know that amazon then refers us to other books we may like once we put something in our basket, and that’s when i fell down the rabbit hole. i ended up purchasing quite a few books written by both Sibylle Von Olfers and Elsa Beskow. why did i purchase so many? because they are beautifully illustrated stories of elves, gnomes, fairies, and i think maybe even a magical fox. A MAGICAL FOX! how could I not purchase them.

because that’s all i really require to get me spending the money. just included some mythical creature and i’m on it.



2 thoughts on “spring tradition

  1. Elsa Maartman looks pretty amazing….. I have a few of her books in my Amazon cart. So excited to see those illustrations in person. Did you order Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip? It looks WONDERFUL. Let me know what you think of your new books…. I may have to order one of them too!

    • i couldn’t wait until they got here so i checked some of the ones i didn’t buy from the library and they are wonderful! honestly, kids books are not illustrated like these anymore. i didn’t get woody, hazel and pip but i think we’ll be getting some more of these down the road for other holiday gifts. carter and clover will love them.

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