hi. how was your monday? i hope it got off on a good foot.

ours didn’t. it got started off on foot, and hand, and mouth. yep, poor girl woke up with hand, foot, and mouth disease. she’s taking it in stride, though. the doc even commented on how unfazed darla seemed by her sickness. see, here she is in her super hero cape from aunt colleen. she’s showing she’s tough and gonna kick this virus’ butt!


so yesterday was one in which i was constantly fielding one thing after another. but that’s life. so i’m posting a couple pics of some nicer moments of the weekend to boost morale around here.


fro yo with friends – second weekend in a row and that was mostly motivated by mommy. and pink bath water. it’s not a very good picture and you can’t see it that well in the photo but darla was in heaven. grandma and grandpa tucker had gotten her some effervescent bath salts and when they dissolved they turned the water pink. she keep saying “pinkest water ever!”

now if you’ll excuse me i have to go wait on my daughter hand and foot….. and mouth.

sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. i know you secretly loved it.


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