ain’t no partay like a toddlers’ yogurt partay

some pics of the kiddies enjoying darla’s birthday partays – yes plural. technically the second one was a combination birthday + housewarming + bon voyage mr. mike. check out these pics. you might be in ’em.

these are from the kidcentric party at groovy spoon. i highly recommend it. there’s no flashing lights, loud music, beeping games, overly sugarfied treats. i’d say all the kids had a good time without getting out of control. plus, FRO YO. who doesn’t love fro yo. or saying fro yo.







and back to our house. not many pictures taken at the homestead because i was running around like a mad woman. one thing i did learn at our house party was to specify to darla next year that she needs to use her fork to eat her cake next year.




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