tent bedz

when i was a little girl i had a tent bed. a nice pink one that attached to my bed and made it look like a house. i felt so important when i could zip up the door myself. practically speaking, it also kept me from falling out in the middle of the night. i thought, for a while, about hunting down that tent bed for darla but then started dreaming up a simpler way that we could do the tent bed on our own.

here’s what we came up with:


we found some decorative ceiling hooks that were guaranteed to hold up to 90 lbs, – you know, for when child decides to try and zip line her tent bed – affixed them to the wall, tied some clothesline between the two, and threw some blankets over it…


Voila! Tent Beeeeeeeeddddd!!! and this way i can change up the sheets that are used and even take it down when need be – you know, as a time out measure when the child tries to zip line her tent bed.


some extra book reading has been the result. mostly because i don’t want to get out of it either.


suffice to say, the girl enjoys her tent bed.


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