last week i…


painted chevrons on everything,

IMG_1669treated myself to a Brezel after earning cash dollars being part of a research focus group.


took darla to Wonderlab in Bloomington, IN. Thanks again COSI membership. here is darla enjoying her favorite experiment at the museum – parachutes.


sat by my parents’ fire and rescued woody from dress-up,


took darla to roscoe’s tacos for the best darn tacos around. oh and beans and cheese.


then took darla to literal bouncy castles where she hugged inflatable gnomes,


and finally, i brought the girl home. introduced her to her new “special darla place” that i have been working on.

i’m really happy to look back on this post and be reminded of the small successes of this past week. i feel like most of my objectives for the past week were not met due to extenuating circumstances, weather, a toddler’s whims, etc.  but even though i didn’t accomplish all my task goals it was still an ok week. lots of good little moments tucked in between the stressful times and the neverending unpacking of boxes.

the house is coming together and it will all be finished by this weekend. because that is the date we have set to open up our home to others for darla’s birthday/mike’s going away festivities. let’s hope everyone is ok with looking at some blank walls.


2 thoughts on “last week i…

  1. love Darla’s special place! How wonderful! Her room looks adorable Elaine…. so happy for you getting all of this done & enjoying some fun time out with Darla in the process. You’re such a good Mommy. Hang in there….. 5 more days, right? Good luck this week…. prayers going up for you to get everything just the way you’d like it for your weekend festivities…. and with as little stress as possible!

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