only a very teensy bit of learning has taken place in our household since we began the move A WEEK AGO. pretty much the only thing darla has learned is how to work streaming netflix on her own. and i’m not joking about that. the girl had way too much television while hubster and i were throwing things in boxes.


i can’t say that’s all bad. she’s gotten some good viewage these past coupla days. H.R. Pufnstuf and The Littles! the expansion of her imagination from these two programs alone makes it worth it.

i improvised a little lesson the other day during a packing break. we wrote a letter to “the littles living in our house” because darla became concerned that they wouldn’t know we are moving. she helped me with the verbage and got the spelling of her name correct both times. we sounded out other words and all that good stuff. i tried to impart basic letter writing knowledge, etc. i hope to have her help me write out some of these letters i’m promising myself will happen in 2012. gotta get back to the old quill and ink blot instead of just relying on this old magic box.

that’s what darla is calling the computer now. she actually told me “TV is magical” and i died a little inside. eh, sometime you do what you do right?

littles letters


2 thoughts on “littles

  1. I love this! She was very interested in getting post its, index cards, lined list paper etc. when here and making messages (much more so than blank white paper for coloring and painting). I gave her a pad of post it for her doctor kit and some golf pencils so she could write “prescriptions”. I didn’t work with her on creating any actual messages, just let her scribble. Its amazing that she’s ready to practice this but I could see she understood concept of note taking and conveying messages on paper and wanted to do so. Such fun!

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