a work in progress

the casa nueva es muy buena. but it’s a lot of slow-going work. i’m feeling impatient and rather sloth like. i’m horrified by the amount of television little miss has had in the past couple days. I can now thank the littles for her desire to wear “a tail” everywhere we go. and i let her. why? because it’s easier than fighting about it. and also it’s cute and imaginative. i don’t care if people think she’s weird. i want her to know her ideas are good ones.












the view from these shots reveals it hasn’t ALL been bad. highlights: 1. playing in new spaces  2. better backyardage  3. left here to watch over our vehicle by previous tenants. the number of catholic artifacts left behind leads me to believe that this house is either inhabited by a poltergeist we are yet to encounter or was inhabited by a latino family that loved dogs. the dog part i am sure of  4. cupboards before…  5. cupboards la fonda-fied. yes, there are some paint slip ups but i fixed some and this is just a stage in the evolution of the cabinets  6 & 7 darla’s last morning at the old house. the new house has a long hallway between her room and ours. i love to hear her feet running down that hall every morning  8. walking in the hood.  9. excellent coffee shop across the street  10. cup a day habit (of milk)  11.  getting cousinfriend in on the tv watching 12, 13, 14. don’t trip. no use enforcing the “no toys in the middle of the floor” rule while the whole place is basically in the middle of the floor.

our neighborhood has a park, a pub where kids eat free on sundays and a fab coffee joint. we’re set and i’m not moving anymore. ever. for the next year. or so.


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