pressin’ da letterz

last year i wanted to get in on igloo letterpress‘ new year’s resolution poster class. well, i let it all slip through the cracks and missed out. but this year i was prepared! which, just so happens, was my goal for 2011: “be creative, be prepared.” 2012 started with knocking off one of my life list goals: learn how to letter press.

our night at igloo letterpress was imPRESSive. ha ha ha. pun pun pun. here’s the life(dot)next evening at igloo making our new year’s goal posters.

owner allison chapman showed us proper use and technique of her vintage and antique equipment. she was a wonderful teacher and very generously let us make copies of each others posters. our night was well worth the money and by then end we had all decided that an annual tradition might have just been born. we had lots of fun sharing our new year’s goals, being silly with inspirations, imbibing and snacking and trying to spell words backwards.



IMG_1565since we came as a gaggle with a set time limit there were limitations to personalization of posters. we decided to keep it simple with a _____ every day message. each lady provided their own goal for every day life of 2012. some really good, funny and practical goals were set thursday night.



IMG_1617using the press was fun. being creative was more fun. hanging with lovely women in a beautiful space was the most fun of all. weeeeeeeee.


our finished projects!!!!:


and one very special new year’s goal sent in by life(dot)next creator, meg, from the west coast. words to live by, my friends.


now a word on my goal: take your pill everyday. and yes i mean THE pill. because i got a baaaad case of baby fever and it seems like everyday someone i know is popping up preggers. that is great, wonderful, glorious news for them but it makes me green with envy and the truth is it’s just not in the cards for us right now. with sailor man on the high seas every three months, this momma just CAN NOT imagine doing it with two bambinos on her lonesome. but maybe once spicy #1 is a little older we can get ready for spicy #2. let’s just hope that next year’s goal can be something more like: “don’t take your pill at all, anyday, so you can get another bun in that oven.”



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