lookey lookey


look at what happens when i have some time alone. see the decadence i provide for myself when my lovely husband takes the child out for some daddy + daughter time? peanut butter and nutella toast! and yes, i did make a heart out of the nutella on my own toast b/c…

women, they get weary. young girls, they get weary toooooooo…..

and then i listened to all five versions of “try a little tenderness” that hubster has on his itunes while i danced and folded kitchen towels which somehow turned into ribbon-twirling-like props. then i got sad thinking about all the hundreds of thousands of amazing vocalists that have passed on throughout time that i’ll never get to witness live. i miss you, otis! BUT THEN a more upbeat version of “tenderness” came on and i just twirled and sang again.

see what happens when i’m left alone with my thoughts????


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