it’s a family affair

our first day back together. i gotta say it felt pretty damn good. i cried. a lot…only in the morning, though.

first, lunching at the big happy greek

then onto visiting our creature friends at the ohio wildlife center open house

one is fantastic and one is my spirit animal. can you guess which is which?

guess what? i get to be in pictures again. yippee!!!! i’m happy that these photos highlight my highlights. i got my hair did hours before mike returned. thanks again to jenna and cole for making this magical hair day a possibility. oh yeah back to my family…

the wildlife center was a pretty rad place. now i’m happy that the middle aged volunteer we ran into at mozart’s bakery talked our ear off about the place a few months back. my personal favorite was meeting wendell, the narcoleptic woodchuck. oh and seeing darla and mike together in the woods. that made me feel shades of laura ingalls wilder. we’ll be returning again in futures near and distant.


3 thoughts on “it’s a family affair

  1. What fun…I love reading your musings. In the last pic of you and D, I had to look twice as I thought that you looked very much like your cosmic cuzin Bridget.

  2. i know! we’re looking more alike as we get older. i sometimes pretend her pictures are really of me and think of it as a beautiful gift from the universe of being able to be in two places at once!

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