stuff i like to talk about, A LOT: Addendum.

i’m going to have to be an addendummy and add the thing that i talk about the most of the most:

the universe.

new list below. you’ll notice i left both butter and the universe in the number one spot. that’s just how it goes in my brain. i really can’t rank the universe and butter against each other. they go hand in hand. they are symbiotic. one without the other is a world i want no part of.

hi, i’m elaine. these are things i like to talk about. frequently. and a little too loudly.

1. the universe

1. butter

2. kris kristofferson

3. babies

4. jim henson

5. lactose intolerance. to be honest, i don’t like to talk about this but it seems like everywhere i go i end up in a conversation with someone who is, so, i’ve just adapted. DARWIN!!!!

6. birth

7. shaking it

8. myself

9. myself and my love of butter

10. butttahhhhhh

11. my hair

12. crying

ugh i’m tired. that’s all!

actually that was kinda fun. i like to quote myself.


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