birthdays abound

our best little dude friend and our favorite cousin/niece* share a birthday week so it really just bums darla out that she has to attend two birthday parties on one day every year. sarcasm! i use it!

yesterday was filled with lots of excitement and lovely treats and refreshments from two very well put together and thoughtful parties. also, the weather couldn’t have been better considering it’s been a little on the damp side in ohio lately. here’s what i captured of kiddos enjoying the revelry.

1.being the center of attention is a bit overwhelming 2. sesame street cookiesshe be climbing things e’rywherewhere’s the birthday girl? there she is!

you, umm, on your face…you got some on your face. blue. you got blue on your face.

present time. not as in “right now” but as in the gift unwrapping sense of the term. most parent approved gift

“first, i say we hang ‘im.

then we smash ‘im. then we stomp ‘im. then we kill ‘im!”

double fisting

our favorite dude

decorating pumpkins


*this is to mean darla’s cousin and my niece. not that she is a cousin niece all in one package. that would be off and i don’t know how that is even possible. i’ll ask kentucky.


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