a delivery from mr. stork

do you think my info packet for my doula class was delivered by the stork? carrier pigeons can’t have cornered the whole mail market. upon return from my respite in hocking hills i found my information and introduction packet had arrived. i can not even relay how excited i am that a) this class didn’t get canceled and b) that i am getting myself further along the certification path. it seems like it has been forever since i decided i wanted to delve into this position. it still feels like it will be quite a while before i acquire the amount of wisdom i desire about birth and labor and the power of women, couples and families. so for right now i’m content with this next step. i’m busying myself by fitting reading and re-reading the required list into the spaces that are not already filled up with chores, activities and the reunion love affair i currently have going on with little miss. I’m happy to say i only have one more book to read before i’ve completed the reading portion of certification.

i wanted to take a moment to plug my favorite book on pregnancy and birth thus far. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth is one of my most cherished books in my personal library. that’s my copy. a little worn and dog-earred. i attribute much of what helped me remain a calm and positive feed for the first couple i helped through labor to this book. i felt like i could hear the sort of soothing voice ina may would use to coach a woman through her rushes when i read the paragraphs of this book and i was able to channel that for my first doula experience.

besides informative, it is empowering. it is hopeful and it is a bit spiritual in its own way. i highly suggest this book to anyone who is expecting or plans to be expecting or is a support to someone who is expecting or expects to know someone who is expecting. disclaimer: it can be a little hippy-dippy for the common crowd so if it’s too much for you just ignore those parts and focus on the good information and let yourself runaway with the confidence you will feel about nature’s path of birth.

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