ships outta port

 photo 75100BC6-1A73-4156-A861-A5E8562A88C4-11317-00000BDCE33AF419_zps13abefc4.jpg

it has felt like we’re ships out of port for a long time now. even more so as time goes on. even more as we take more leaps of faith and we’re now both in pursuit of creating the life work of our dreams. it’s intimidating stuff.

but i have to remind myself that we were not built to be beings led by fear. we were not built to cower into complacency. i don’t believe that. i believe we were meant to take risks and test the universe, for only in this way is our faith and trust renewed and strengthened.

i bought this poster in the beginning of 2012. it’s funny and symbolic to me that i just let it sit around, not working to put it up until now. i’m admitting that i will need to see it daily during this next experimental phase of my adulthood. it’s up now and i feel it completes this eclectic space quite nicely. {hubster would want me to tell you that’s just the view of my side of the bed. his side has way manlier items tacked up on the wall. in fact, everything on his side of the wall is fabricated from crystalized testosterone.}

this quote feels extremely appropriate to the wife of a sailor who’s deciding to keep his feet on firm ground for a while.

 photo DC81B58B-E650-420A-BC88-AE58FC0C9E9D-11317-00000BDD0C3C2826_zpscd3ce91d.jpg

this quote actually resonates from an earlier part of my life and it’s funny how life circles back on itself. it makes me comforted to know that people, places and events are all placed in your life at the right time to teach you something important. i’d like the thank the person who first introduced me to this quote, if said person ever reads. you taught me a lot about taking risks and i wouldn’t be who i am today without you.

thanks to everyone who has supported me and my desire to do birth work. thanks to all the friends and family that have loved us and supported us through this last year. what a difference a year makes…

now, everyone, let’s go be ships.


stuff i like to talk about, A LOT: Addendum.

i’m going to have to be an addendummy and add the thing that i talk about the most of the most:

the universe.

new list below. you’ll notice i left both butter and the universe in the number one spot. that’s just how it goes in my brain. i really can’t rank the universe and butter against each other. they go hand in hand. they are symbiotic. one without the other is a world i want no part of.

hi, i’m elaine. these are things i like to talk about. frequently. and a little too loudly.

1. the universe

1. butter

2. kris kristofferson

3. babies

4. jim henson

5. lactose intolerance. to be honest, i don’t like to talk about this but it seems like everywhere i go i end up in a conversation with someone who is, so, i’ve just adapted. DARWIN!!!!

6. birth

7. shaking it

8. myself

9. myself and my love of butter

10. butttahhhhhh

11. my hair

12. crying

ugh i’m tired. that’s all!

actually that was kinda fun. i like to quote myself.