recently enjoyed moments

hi all,

i’m writing you from a completely relaxing, solo-mama weekend. the inside of my brain sounds like kevin mccallister: “i made my family disappear.”

i miss them but i’m also relishing the alone time. i’ve labeled this weekend my anne morrow lindbergh weekend because i really appreciated anne’s views on the importance of alone time for a female in gift from the sea.

so far i’ve taken a 5 hr nap, ate pie for dinner, watched some bad tv, and held a dancing + cleaning session. i’m very thankful for this opportunity to exist for a few days as a solitary entity.

so, i wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a wondrous, serene, and little bit magical weekend. here are a few pics of recently enjoyed moments:

 photo 52A4327E-2487-42D4-B0E8-61EB85FB360D-9294-0000071A6CC2EE50_zpsd31ffa0e.jpg

^^^ a funky mirror makes my vintage booties even funkier ^^^

 photo 58C79387-9B69-43DE-82B8-D1400279E786-9294-0000071A5C2E4DD8_zpsd9b00124.jpg

^^^ the most delicious baked goods and the loveliest staff ^^^

 photo EA377DB6-E547-4F3D-8637-EB95FFDA67EA-9294-0000071A679D67E2_zpsa906da09.jpg

^^^ she knows she’s got a pretty good life ^^^

 photo 158EA334-93EF-4C11-9827-F98C5140CE4E-9294-0000071A70334D62_zps46bb94b3.jpg

^^^ three kiddos having a hard, hot day. we were told the reason for crankiness was “our brains are too hot.” i think i was feeling the same way. ^^^


2 thoughts on “recently enjoyed moments

    • Thanks J! I’ll check into it. I feel like I have so much to read up on in so many areas. Glad you got some free momma time. I swear it made me feel like a new woman for a few days :) love to you guys!

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