gratitude adjustment

sunday is the day e’rybody’s gettin’ spiritual, right? gratitude is an important part of my spiritual path within this world. here’s my weekly list:

1. i’m thankful for technology. yes, i love technology. everything from ultra sound machines, to iphones to crockpots. i’m thankful for it all this week. we live in a technological marvel world.

2. i’m thankful for these crazy wonderful temps. this is one pregnant lady who is grateful that we’ve been hanging in the low 80s and even dipping into the 70s for most of this summer. mid-july in ohio could be soooooo different so i want to shout some gratitude to the weather patterns.

3. my husband’s music collection and investment in making music a part of our life. without his influence i think i would let myself get too busy with the day-to-day doings and neglect my music intake, except for the 90s channel on satellite radio.

4. i’m grateful for 4 pool days in a row!

5. and lastly, i’m thankful for our cosby show dvd box set. watching episodes in honor of Bill C’s birthday, curled up with my fam was a highlight of my week.


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