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garden painting

park projects

big belly

quotemeal pies

quotemeal pie snack

painting projects

north market hideout

there’s just something about summer that makes me feel like we’re living life right. and we are. because summer is about living life to the fullest, giving yourself that extra hour of play time each day, taking half days to spend by the pool, getting all the extra things done in the extended daylight hours.

some things we did right this week: creeking, garden painting projects & play date park projects with friends. ummm i wore my pants around in really awesome ways this week all over town. and mike blessed the family with quotemeal pies. darla built front porch forts and undertook even more painting projects. she also did quirky things in front of interesting backdrops that i appreciated on an aesthetic level.

yes. life is full and good.

*wishing you a weekend that is likewise*

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