pregnancy eats

coffee during pregnancy

coffee. coffee during pregnancy. yes, i know…

coffee is usually on that long list of things women are supposed to give up during their pregnancy. like most other things in life, the only way to be sure of no ill effects is to completely abstain. but human nature leaves very few of us willing to completely abstain from lots of things. i guess i’m one of those people.

that old “moderation” trick works quite well for me, thank you.

the funny thing is that i didn’t really even like or drink coffee until i was pregnant with darla. during pregnancy the smell and taste of coffee is something i crave. i think it has to do with the earthy qualities some roasts possess. at any rate, i have found it hard to get through a pregnancy without it. fortunately this means that i don’t head into my pregnancies with a coffee habit or dependency. so i may have it easier than some or most women out there making it through long hours and days in need of a little help.

in truth, coffee is one of my excuses, a vehicle if you will, for fatty, yummy goodness to go down into my belly during pregnancy.  

i have about a half cup to a full cup of coffee maybe 4-5 days a week. i don’t have soda very much so that bit of caffeine accounts for my intake. the other days i just enjoy my pregnancy tea. i feel that’s pretty good on the grand scheme of the caffeination nation.

and as mentioned earlier it’s not really about the coffee, it’s about what i PUT IN the coffee. here’s a short list of things I add to coffee in various combinations, most of which contain some good fats and happiness:

coconut oil, almond milk, grass-grazed half & half, maple syrup, coconut milk and/or grass-grazed butter, whipped cream, and/or BUTTER. {yes, you can put butter in coffee now people!!!} 

so, while i continue to take in my tea, i’m keeping this bit of coffee in my life and i’m feeling completely unclenched about it.


8 thoughts on “pregnancy eats

  1. nothing wrong with that! plus you’re putting good fat in there, so double score. I, too, never drank coffee until I got pregnant with my first. now I have one-to-two cups a day, also with coconut milk. I don’t really drink it for the caffeine. I just find it relaxing to sit down with a warm cup of coffee.

    • I agree! I think there’s something about the ceremony of it for oneself that is appealing. Freaking Starbucks culture is built around it. It’s a small bit of decadence we can do for ourselves each day. I dig. And I dig your coffee style ;-)

  2. When I got pregnant I was so upset that coffee was a no-no. I couldn’t give it up. I scaled back A LOT- I went from 10 cups to 2 cups a day. That’s okay right? lol

  3. I gave it up for the first trimester. Then did every other day, then did every day in the third. Baby is born and is healthy and fine! I try to still only do one cup a day but drink it after I feed him in the AM!

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