baby nook

 photo 8C35FF71-F82E-461F-B2E2-6B74F90B27D5-3406-0000030930D0A3AB_zps30573b4b.jpg

this is the new view from my side of the bed. and soon there’s going to be a baby in there.

well, probably not. the baby will most likely want to hang out a little closer to me…as in on me…since that’s the way babies are programmed.

still, i like the way things look over there. all organized and ready to receive more babylike things. that cradle was mine when i was a babe and darla spent at least a handful of hours napping in there as a newborn. i think i like the nesting phase as a way of putting my world in order before it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

the nesting, re-organizing and purging are my ways of distraction, my ways of convincing myself that it’s not gonna be so bad. it’s not gonna be that bad, right? it’s all gonna be ok if i just make it look like it would be featured on apartment therapy! because all i keep hearing about is how great and easy it is to manage two children and a home and a marriage and build a career. we’re so lucky that as a society we build people up with hope and encouragement for these life transitions.

that’s sarcasm by the way.

oh well, it doesn’t really matter because soon…there’s going to be a baby in there.


One thought on “baby nook

  1. Hope you haven’t yet purged the cradle items I made. I’d like to have them back here if you won’t be using there. Considering the season will require less warmth than when Darla was born probably won’t need much covering at first. If you are going to discard, I’d like them.

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