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i feel that the blog has been pretty pregnancy-centric lately. After 4 years of this space being devoted almost entirely to darla-doings i’m sure it’s a bit weird that i’ve not included much about her on here as of late.

just to be clear, she’s still my main girl, my mostly companion.

what can i say about this girl? she’s still running around my life as crazy as ever. but i have a good feeling about the spacing of these two children. D is really into helping and doing at this stage. she has a new chore-helper chart that she has really taken on with gusto. she likes feeling like part of the team and she is always willing to provide a hand if i need it. and boy am i going to need it here in a few months.

but mostly she is just so wildly independent. sometimes it can feel like hours have gone by where i haven’t seen her bc she’s got some project going on for herself.  i spend a lot of time wondering if this next babe is going to be as independent as his/her sister. hard to say. darla’s that way partly by nature and partly because mike and i try to take a firm parenting stance that we will help her with the things that she actually needs help with {all sharp objects} but not the things she can absolutely do for herself {like put on her socks and shoes. or wipe her own butt.} because doing things for her is ultimately very unhelpful, right? she’s not afraid to try to figure something out for herself, which i admire and hope she keeps. and she frequently tells us that she knows everything before it even happens so she has all the answers in life. ha.

well, y’all, wish me luck with that independence with this second one comes along. please send good vibes that it will be a helpful thing and not a headache thing, like darla taking a nursing session as an opportunity to try to ride her bike down the street by herself for the first time. or to cut her hair by herself…which is coming up a lot in talks lately. even though that wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world and i would kinda like to let her just rock whatever haircut she thinks looks best on her. anyway, please just send good vibes that her independent involvement with sharp and cutting objects is minimal when my attention has to be divided.

but i think all is going to be well because she’s my little bud. she’s my main girl.

and she’s going off to school come fall anyway so momma has a break. but that’s a story for another post.


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