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a nice, colorful, leafy green salad is almost a daily for me. as i said to my husbeau when he was just my beau “i like fruit in my salads but not fruit salads.”

since our california trip i’ve been loving another ingredient in my salad… ^^^quinoa!^^^ here’s my unrecipe for family size quinoa salad:

prepare 1/2 cup quinoa, let cool.

start with 3-4 cups of spinach, or if you’re like me just use the whole bag/plastic container

+ dump the cooled quinoa right in the center

+ all the halved cherry tomatoes your heart desires

+ copious amounts of goat cheese

+ thinly sliced carrots for crunch

+ sliced almonds

it is of my opinion that this salad could entertain radishes and any type of berry in the future.

top with fresh honey dijon lemon dressing:

start with juice from 2 freshly squeezed lemons

+ 1 tsp dijon mustard

+ a couple squirts of honey depending on your own taste preferences. i’m just being real. no one measures honey.

+ salt and pepper

mix together thoroughly. then add 2 parts olive oil to match your one part juice concoction. shake and pour liberally!

my preference is to use a lot of dressing and let it sit on it a bit so the quinoa gets nice and soaked in it.

bonus** if you’re a quinoa lover you should also try this recipe!

ps. quinoa is great to buy in bulk at your nearest bulk goods section or here.

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