pregnancy eats

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our house is going through a bag of apples by week’s end. partly because darla believes herself to be part of the my little pony clan and is consuming two or more apples a day and partly because i’m craving them on an almost daily basis as well.

for months now i’ve been rotating apple slices paired with either peanut butter or cheese slices but lately i’ve had a why-choose-just-one! mentality.

but i just recently learned that you should eat fruit first and separate from other food items so i don’t know how this is going to effect my snack habits. do any of you out there know if this is true? should i be having my fruit separately? should i be pairing my peanut butter and cheese with something else? i’m sure if we really got down to it we are more biologically programmed to consume one kind of food at a time rather than several together.


4 thoughts on “pregnancy eats

  1. I’ve always learned from very credible sources (my knowledgeable trainer/gym, holistic health experts) to eat your fruit with protein and/or fat. It helps with glucose breakdown in the blood. but I think I saw someone somewhere recently say to eat it separate. not sure who or what their reason was, but I’m sticking with what I know :)

    • i trust your knowledge and opinion immensely so thank you for giving me the go ahead to keep doin’ my do! i started eating this snack as a way to have cheese and peanut butter without any wheat pairing, so i think apples are definitely a better option than bread or crackers at any rate.

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