pregnancy eats

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i’m sure it’s no surprise that raw veggies are showing up in my pregnancy eats. i try to get a healthy amount of raw veggies on most days. broccoli has been a big go to for me during this pregnancy because it’s naturally high in folic acid and vitamin c, both of which are important to pregnancy health. but also because i find broccoli easy to just snap off a few florets, rinse and munch.

i like to pair veggies with a hummus that is prepared with a healthy oil. this adds protein and a bit of fat to the snack.

and up there in the cup is kefir. kefir is a new addition to my diet thanks to this pregnancy. i was looking for a way to get more probiotics in my diet. kefir has probiotic benefits as well as protein, calcium and fat. i compare a few different ones in the dairy aisle to check sugar content and healthy bacteria amounts.

by pairing a healthy dairy fat food and a healthy oil fat food with my raw veggies, i hope to increase the absorption rate of the foods for my system. i’ve read that consuming them this way is actually better for my body than eating the raw veggies on their own. i’ll take the professionals for their word, but mostly i have noticed with the addition of healthy protein and fat i stay satisfied longer.

and also, there’s this:

 photo C407A5C4-EC46-43A7-9698-B8B2740B426E-2046-000000EAD9E1B49A_zpsaaee47cd.jpg

because even though i’m pregnant and trying to eat super healthy, i’m still me. there will always be room for tacos.


2 thoughts on “pregnancy eats

  1. I absolutely love these nutrition posts. I’m a food lover, and during my pregnancy I’ve really come to enjoy reading about whole foods and seeing other pregnant women explore them, too.

    I like the idea of combining healthy fats and oils to increase the absorption rate… any luck with it? I know that pairing vitamin C with red meat increases iron, but I’m not too bright with anything else. :-)

    And yes… there will ALWAYS be room for tacos!

    Sorry if I’m being awkwardly random by commenting; I’m just a random blogger looking for new people to follow today. :D

  2. i’ve read that some vitamins are more fat soluble than others so by adding a bit of healthy fat you are getting more from your bites. there are always arguments about whether some veggies should be eaten cooked or raw based on different nutrient availability due to prep method but my personal view is variety is the key to all things nutrition related. i usually do 2 meals and all snacks raw and one meal cooked…and then hope for the best!

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