hi ho there! how was your weekend? splendid to hear it!

ours can be summed up in one word: festival.

our neighborhood festival was going on right across the street so we were kind of obligated to attend each night. by obligated i mean we took darla since she really has the mobility and determination to march herself across the street by her lonesome if we don’t agree to take her so it’s just easier and safer to plan on being there every night. rides, games and junk food = our weekend.

we balanced this out with another music and arts festival that was much more mellow. {that translates into no rides, fewer games, no junk food, lots of crafts & music}

and a special father + daughter craft time this weekend turned out that last photo opp. my zerowaste sorrow over the TP was quickly canceled out by the cuteness.

  photo C80C7CCA-2BCF-4926-B227-7447CCE88F39-14948-00000BC8FDDD51C9_zps7eb7bfb4.jpg photo 18F07038-FE09-4993-AEBA-DE265D3D138D-14948-00000BC9060BBA97_zps08de7349.jpg photo 0D00EE88-DC67-4265-AD69-5D45BB4EB6E8-14948-00000BC909F95F02_zps028e7469.jpg photo 03E1FF48-859F-4F2F-8DBE-413C3DD413C4-14948-00000BC902256CB1_zpsa290a131.jpg


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