how i spent a lone weekend

i spent this previous long weekend by myself. literally, i was by myself for 2.5 days. it was all kinds of glorious.

well, to be honest i was pretty down about being all alone for the entirety of the weekend. i had been envisioning some free time to hang out with friends and maybe go out but i really ended up sleeping and watching bad tv most of the time. i got some extra hours in at work and some time on my own projects and caught up on reading, all of which were important and necessary.

once i was able to distance myself from my expectations for the weekend things turned around for me. i have the bad habit of expecting life to be something other than what it is instead of accepting that the way things go down are exactly as they need to be. how much better off would i have been if i had been able to accept the fact that i was going to spend the weekend almost completely alone instead of pouting that i had no plans?

because all in all i had a pretty good time by myself. i think what i turned up is that i need some work on being ok with being alone. i need to work on being my own best friend. i think i need to conduct a committment ceremony to myself. in times that i am lonely, i’ll be my own best friend. i can tell you that my path might have been much truer if i had committed to myself at an earlier age.

but here are a few things i did, which are not extravagant or exciting but they are special and important to me:

1. spent some hours in a very pretty space  2. participated in the local rally to improve birth  3. admired the sunflowers  4. found new paths to hike  5. harvested our tomato bounty  6. snuggled in front of our george harrison grotto and watched the concert for bangladesh for the first time. soooo good.

 photo 34F89B6A-D5BA-405F-985A-1586D63CF81F-12697-000009A9354F5F72_zpsa6c65c48.jpg photo C405C0E5-9B8C-46AF-B7E1-78A59281348C-12697-000009A939CB0A8E_zps2603af78.jpg photo 02FA49BD-64EE-4891-8477-4232BA2F8588-12697-000009A93D6329F2_zpsc2e3bbf6.jpg photo 417A674C-7BD8-4E23-9AE4-E6D1FF1D52EE-12697-000009A941242FDA_zps80104097.jpg photo 55DB0F1B-F5E5-4720-BED9-CD42D373A50D-12697-000009A944FD2794_zps49d4107c.jpg photo BB4062BF-82FC-430F-BD5A-9E74C71346FC-12697-000009A948AE80A3_zpsffcc9660.jpg


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