spring break

do you hear that? no. you don’t. i don’t either. it’s completely quiet around here. darla done gone on spring break to indiana!!! really it will just be for an extended weekend but i’ve plans for getting stuff done. see:

 photo BDBDD385-B706-4328-8030-9D1AB8A37F13-29018-00001F6CFFBAA938_zpsab5731cc.jpg

wanna place bets on how much i actually get done?

and here’s just a few more moments from the week that made me happy:

1. donut date with my girl

2. mike and darla painted balloons

3. treated to an excellent show by my best friends for my {upcoming} birthday

4. sunshine in a house of organized mess

 photo 4F1454D4-546A-4F5A-958E-38E1F71F66A0-29018-00001F6CE99AC2B1_zps84249c62.jpg photo 0EA34F43-C036-48FF-9D88-19D47CD65075-29018-00001F6D0FC93356_zpsbb7e2539.jpg photo DBE88D4C-8F40-4CA4-ADF3-07DFF736C723-29018-00001F6E164E9CA6_zpsa53f3a0e.jpg photo 69D74826-A969-42D7-9E23-95FE9E777D13-29018-00001F6CC76B21DA_zps287b3a2a.jpg

that’s all. wishing you a happy friday, a great weekend and a peaceful spring break!


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