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i’ve been making my own vegetable stock as part of my zero waste efforts. we eat a lot of soup in the winter months and i’ve cut down on a lot of cardboard veggie stock cartons. we also eat a lot of salad and fresh veggies so i just keep this pot in the fridge and any peelings or stems get tossed in here until the next boiling. soups have been extra yummy thanks to the freshness factor.  veggie peelings then get dumped in the compost after boiling is done. it makes me feel so savvy and smart to get three different uses from our food stuffs.


2 thoughts on “stock

    • really on 4-5 days for me but keeping it in the fridge allows for 5-7 days. also, once you boil it you can store the stock for another week. it usually works out that as i’m making a soup i’m creating the “stockpile” for the next stock. i use onions, celery and carrots in almost every soup so all that goodness goes into the stock. tip: carrot tops and onion skins have lots of great flavor and nutrients.

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