last minute

i have a planner than travels with me everywhere, a giant fridge calendar to keep family schedules straight, and an iCalender and facebook calendar on the iphone. i don’t even consider myself to be someone who has that many scheduled commitments. am i alone in this or is everyone walking around with several different methods of keeping track of time + space relations?

i think i am not alone.

last week’s recurring theme was the failing last-minute plan. i was either on the extending or receiving end of last-minute plan invitations that couldn’t seem to come together. do we live in such a hyper-scheduled society that the last-minute plan is disappearing before our very eyes? is this just what it’s like as you get older? are all you young houligans out there going about your merry, last-minute lives laughing through rounds of drinks at how you had no plans for the evening until Juan-Carlo called you up an hour ago and invited you to this mixer?

for some reason it made me very sad and nostalgic. my natural tendencies gravitate towards anti-structure and free-wheeling.  i just wanna be able to do what i wanna do when i wanna do it.

how do we feel about this as a culture? should we schedule a weekly last-minute plan day?

because that would be very funny…like corporate casual friday.


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