bidnessi worked on some self-made business cards yesterday. i’m hoping to get some spread out around town this weekend. building a doula business is different than building other clientele. I’m not pitching, say, “let me work on your website” or “yeah, i can do your taxes. getcha bigger refund too!”  i’m saying “yeah, i totally want to see you push something out of your yoni” which can be a bit awkward. not for me because i have very few social boundaries but i’m sure it’s a bit squirmy for mommas to be looking at my face and saying “is this the lady i want to see my lady bits stretch open roughly the size of a large grapefruit?”

i’ve strayed off topic a bit because really what i wanted to say was:

look at what i made! aren’t they cute???

ps. and the answer is yes. i am the lady you want to see your lady bits all stretched out. love you. mean it.


4 thoughts on “biz

  1. Love the biz stuff! I would totally let you doula me if I were having more wee Sicinski’s. Your doula catch phrase should be, “can I doula you?”

  2. I agree. I love “can i doula you?”! Thanks ladies. I appreciate your long distance words of support. you’re all pretty lovely, yourselves. oh how i wish i could be there for more of your babies. have more babies…

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