i’ve come to be at peace with the fact that i can’t be social and have on orderly, clean house at the same time. if i spend time running about meeting and making friends i often come home to a house in chaos which then impedes my ability to think in a linear fashion while nestled in said messy abode.

if i stay home and clean, organize, purge and spiff i’m left very satisfied at the end of the day but feel lonely and cooped up.

i read an article recently about building your tribe. the difference between a tribe and a friend circle is that a tribe accomplishes things together. be it community parenting or tackling projects or say…raising barns. i’m really interested in building my tribe here. i am lucky enough to have a small number of people who are MY PEOPLE. i will not let them go.

oh no.

but i’d like to broaden those horizons. i’d like to engage friends in my projects and dreams. i’d like to be engaged in theirs. i’m going to work on making myself more open and available for lending a hand this year.

you know this is just a fancy warning to you columbus folk that i’m going to be calling you to help me clean my house, right? because it is. but think about it.

let me know if you want to get tribal.


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