here’s a few snaps from the week. this month will be my thankfulness editions. because this is supposed to be the month i’m thankful and sh*t.

and the truth is, i really am more thankful than i’ve been in a long time. it’s something i’ve been working on.

headless horseman halloween kiddoshankiesunruly hankymirror mirror

1. i am most thankful for my silly, handsome husband who makes me proud everyday and does a great headless horseman impression.

2. thankful for friends both young and young at heart. thankful to be living in our ‘hood.

3 & 4. thankful for my new pretty hanky collection compliments of my cousin’s wedding. pretty handkerchiefs are an excellent wedding favor! there was an ample amount left at the end of the night and i’m thinking “hey, i’m always wiping things off people’s faces.” pics are pre and post darla discovery.

5. annnnd i’m thankful for good hair days.

have a good weekend y’all.


One thought on “weeksie

  1. I lost track of the hanki I gave to Darla during wedding….it was the pinkest of pink in the pile. She did carry it for long time but may have left at reception. I also loved that touch and was impressed by the massive quantity and how appropriate such a favor is for a wedding. And it does my heart good to read that you are having a great week!

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