100 thingz

whenever i feel that my household has become unmanageable i know it’s time to get rid of some stuff.


yesterday i took on a 100 things project. I gave away 100 things in one day.

granted this is not hard to do when you have a small child. small articles of clothing and small no-longer-played-with toys easily add up. still, it was 100 less things i have to sort, fold, pick up, organize and step on.

here’s my nice little give away pile:


i normally just haul the stuff to the goodwill but i’m thinking about a stuff swap party in the future. anyone want to set a date and join me? i’m thinking this might be a good alternative to buying kiddos all new toys for christmas. maybe just trade ’em up.

if you decide to take on the 100 things in one day give away please post and share your pics on MomJeanz page.

cheers to a simpler, more manageable household.


2 thoughts on “100 thingz

  1. Love this idea! Think I might do it! I probably already have 100 things in various piles, ready to be given away, that I just haven’t taken anywhere, but I should add to it!

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