baby wear ware

maybe you’ve already read, bc the mommy blogosphere is blowin’ up about it, but ergobaby is having a contest to design their next ergo carrier.

the ergobaby was my favorite of our baby carriers, especially when darla was older. it was perfect for days that i knew we would be walking a lot. it got us through 2 music festivals, countless city walks, and a handful of airports, all before ours was stolen from our car. saddy sad face. but that is a testament to how nice these carriers are. they get stolen from cars! they left our stereo alone and took the ergo!

i have spent more than a few minutes thinking about which design we will get as a replacement if baby number 2 ever comes to pass. now i am thinking of how cute an ergobaby in momjeanz floral would be. hmmmm?

if you feel a strong desire to design a carrier for your little one you can visit their site here for details of the contest and instructions for entering.

good luck!


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