vintage shopping

while in indiana last weekend we went on a vintage shopping excursion at days gone by antique mall.

i had a small breakdown from insane happiness while we were in the store. i’m not joking. i was rooted to the ground for at least 2 minutes, laughing uncontrollably in sheer joy of all the goodness surrounding me.

it quickly passed and i was able to move on to full-fledged shopping mode. here’s what we found:


the most amazing vintage high chair


umm words cannot describe the ridiculousness of this bag. it was gold lamé with puffy painted words and bedazzled rhinestones. remember ladies, money isn’t everything.


mike purchased a lot of old postcards. this was the best one by far.


this was a gem of a garment. it was a 1940s dress and it was stunning on but, alas, i could not zip it up around the girls. i still think of it at night.


cousin tried on a fetching cape and reunited with some clogs she had met years before.

and now…

for the piece de resistance:



oh yesssssssssss……..

that has to be the most amazing thing ever created. a jesus hot air balloon lamp with a scared clown dangling from the side. i call it “clown of little faith.”

i just want to meet the adult who had to look up at this every night during his/her formative years and thumb through all the complexes this person must have as a result. i mean, a clown hanging from the basket of a jesus balloon.

don’t go all crazy on me. i’m pretty sure if jesus were here i’d show this to him and he’d laugh. a lot. i wouldn’t try to talk to him about the meaning of life, or heaven. i’d just be like “hold up, dude. you gotta see this.”

here’s what i walked away with.


a blue sequins skirt, a pretty cool feathered fedora, and a wool poncho trimmed with alapaca fur with two alpacas embroidered into the built in scarf. plus, an elton john record and heeled cowgirl boots, not pictured.

i eventually just had to stop looking at stuff. it was all too good. i highly suggest days gone by antiques in fountain square for some good finds and cheap prices.

vintage fo’ life.


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