yeasayer is my favorite band. i love them. i have been waiting in anticipation for their third album for a long time.

i took the sequins vintage skirt i found on saturday as a sign from the universe that sunday’s concert was going to be AMAZING.

my sequins skirt tells no lies – except maybe the fact that it says it’s a size 4. i am not a size 4 – yeasayer sounded great. i’m excited to hear the new material in album form. it was slower than i had expected, a bit more trancier and synthier, but i liked it.

b/c it was still grooveable, shakeable and moveable. that’s pretty much all i care about in life.

 i have a confession, in my search for the highly coveted parking spots, i almost ran over anand. and then when i was entering the venue i was pushing on the door while he was pulling and the door swung open pretty fast, almost taking him out. i am devastated that this man probably now thinks his biggest fan is trying to assassinate him ninja style. (my tactics were quite ninja-like, agreed? yes?)

so if my boys are reading this – thanks for a great show last sunday night. anand, i am NOT trying to kill you. i love you too much and i have too many future ticket investments for your shows to do a thing like that.






ps. this was my first show at 20th century theater in cincinnati. i’d go back there anytime.



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