maine one














what do i want to share about our weekend in maine? well, i have two main MAINE points:

1. my family is awesome.


that is all.

in all seriousness, i’ve rewritten this post numerous times. i have been having trouble figuring out what i want to say. i want to say that the weekend was wonderous and beautiful. i want to say it was a blast because my family is comprised of all-around stellar human beings. i want to say the trip was filled with lots of exciting new experiences for darla and i felt very lucky, once again, to be able to witness her intake of all the newness. i want to say that one very special person was missed through it all.

most of all i want to say thank you. thank you to my family, my parents, my husband, my daughter and the universe for allowing me to be a part of last weekend. the whole experience was exactly what i needed. it was where i needed to be when i needed to be.

thank you.

and once again, congratulations to erin & dave bartoletti. may you find happiness in all your years to come!

ps. and thank you to yeasayer for being in portland while i was. BONUS!


yeasayer is my favorite band. i love them. i have been waiting in anticipation for their third album for a long time.

i took the sequins vintage skirt i found on saturday as a sign from the universe that sunday’s concert was going to be AMAZING.

my sequins skirt tells no lies – except maybe the fact that it says it’s a size 4. i am not a size 4 – yeasayer sounded great. i’m excited to hear the new material in album form. it was slower than i had expected, a bit more trancier and synthier, but i liked it.

b/c it was still grooveable, shakeable and moveable. that’s pretty much all i care about in life.

 i have a confession, in my search for the highly coveted parking spots, i almost ran over anand. and then when i was entering the venue i was pushing on the door while he was pulling and the door swung open pretty fast, almost taking him out. i am devastated that this man probably now thinks his biggest fan is trying to assassinate him ninja style. (my tactics were quite ninja-like, agreed? yes?)

so if my boys are reading this – thanks for a great show last sunday night. anand, i am NOT trying to kill you. i love you too much and i have too many future ticket investments for your shows to do a thing like that.






ps. this was my first show at 20th century theater in cincinnati. i’d go back there anytime.


ain’t no halloweenies!

i’m finally recovered from halloween out-and-abouting. i gotta say that it seemed like it was all hard work for mom and no payoff until the kiddies really got into it. AND now i get to type with one hand while the other feeds a snickers to my belly!

these first few are taken at my mom and dad’s. we came straight from the HOOT film series to my parents so darla rode 3 hours in her costume. it didn’t look too worse for the wear.

she’s a tightrope walker. see those balancing skills! maybe? inspired by this post and accepted by me as a cosmic sign from the universe b/c my favorite band in the whole entire universe has a song titled “tightrope.”

watch it!

sooooo good. ahhh, i used to say that if they invent time machines or portals that i would want to go back to woodstock but these yeasayer vincent moon sessions are really in the running. why wasn’t i in that apartment that night!!! gaaarrrrrr!!!!!!

but i digress. back to the pics of mi amor.

so, action shots were hard to get that night. we went around with the burkeybuns crew (minus working momma = sadness) and this was all i got. oh, and a boatload of candy.

adam went as paul from sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band and his costume was outta sight! he and darla were somewhat coordinated but you couldn’t tell through the overcoats and pieces of costume falling off all the time and kids never in the same spot for longer than 2.35 seconds. i, me, myself personally, went as a flower garden. to achieve this i put on every piece of floral patterned clothing i own and stole darla’s flower headband. it really ended up looking more like a bag lady getup. other moms were not impressed.

in short, it was fun. i think i’d do it again. maybe in about a year.