the naked truth

this is darla. she’s naked. she’s naked most of the time. i’m sorry if it offends anyone that she is frequently pictured without a top or a bottom or a top and bottom. despite the oodles of cute and fashionable clothes that come into this house, the girl likes to go au natural.

i just don’t have it in me to enforce the clothes rules yet. i know the window is closing on us and the time for her to be covered properly will be here very soon. but i just can’t start it yet. i want to get through at least one more summer of saying “ok, if you want to take your shirt off go ahead.”

she has no shame or discomfort about her body. i desperately want to extend that for as long as possible. i truly believe that a positive body image starts in infancy and toddlerhood. my hope is that the freedom to run around naked will have instilled a pride and love for her body that will last until she is older.

yes, i’m talking about when she’s a lovesick teenager. sigh. those thoughts of preparing your wee girl for womanhood do start early.

since summer has landed about 3 months early this year, please brace yourself for bare shoulders, exposed tummies, and probably a knicker shot or two because this little girl just cannot be contained. no clothes or mommas words will restrain her and i couldn’t be happier about that.


3 thoughts on “the naked truth

  1. Funny that you would post on this topic this morning. Upon arrival here she wanted to be the Easster bunny and deliver plastic empty eggs and paper grass to her dolls. She needed a summer dress for that role. Then she wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake and required a more girly dress for that role. Later Darla and Grandpa watched E T . She was captivated the whole show and near the end decided to act out the main character as she so often does after viewing any of the old VHS stuff. So, of course one of ET’s main visuals is that he does not wear clothes. So, we had a silent naked child partaking of evening activities. (I suppose I could have found a hat and scarf but at nearly 80 degrees the nudeness seemed fine.) As time for bed came I thought about how we’d be comfy under our down comforter with windows open for this warm spell but Darla won’t stay under a heavy blanket and her polka dot blankie won’t stay in place. So, I reminded her that Gertie dressed ET up in girls clothes for play and also we didn’t want those men who were after ET in movie to come here and think she was for real so she needed a disguise. She then chose some pink Elmo pj’s and we compared the similarities of Elmo to ET. And so far today she’s still wearing those. It’s rainy and cool today so most likely will need em to keep warm. We shall see……………

  2. well…. as you know- we practice being in the nude a lot here too. I’m not sure that I post too many pictures of my babies with their clothes ON come to think of it. so thank you, that I’m not the only one who is embracing the years when it’s ok to be pictured naked on the internet. ;)

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