Mardi Gras Pardi

in the spirit of “yes parenting” i threw a small mardi gras party here last night for darla and our burkeybuns clan. it was an all-you-can-eat-junkfood night. the kiddos were in heaven. adam’s first words when he came through the door were “we came over to your house to eat just junkfood.”


just look how excited those kids are to stuff their faces!


and it didn’t seem to affect a little girl who wanted to fall asleep in her kitty cat bed.

i’ve decided we’ll give up sweets and sodas (for mom, darla doesn’t have sodas except rare occasions like fat tuesday) for lent. i think the practice of denying oneself some indulgences would be a good thing for our household to get back to. darla seems pretty ok with concept of no sweets until easter. as of now. she asked me this morning about some candy sitting on a shelf: “mommy, can i have some of that candy in my easter basket?”

wish us luck. so good so far but i know it’s only the first day. there’s still 39 days to give in and just shove chocolate in my single-parenting face.




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