how do i compete with this?

mike and i oftentimes get into a long distance love-off when he’s away. ya know, that absence makes the heart grow fonder kinda thing. but he sends the best love letters and emails. yes, letters. he still finds time to send me postcards and letters from around the globe. i’ve saved every one. but how am i supposed to compete with something like this:

i love you a whole hugabunch bunch, wife o’ mine. i wish i were there to chat you up and love you down, but this phase of our extraordinary life together has temporarily taken us on opposite sides of the earth. joke all you want, but i was dead serious about waking up with that en vogue song in my head, and if nothing else is true, this is: it was because you were singing it. we might be separated by hemispheres and oceans and miles, but we’re very much together. i love you more than anything

your husband

just as good as a shakespearean sonnet to me.  it makes me feel bad that what he gets in response goes mostly like this:

i luuuuv you. i miiiiisss you. mwah mwah mwah. i’m so tired. love. miss. bye.


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