best appreciate

just a short list of some good things going on in life:

-friends who live in sunny places

-feeling like we have roots

-well written emails from hubster

-downton abbey

-sunny days

-lunch dates with my littlest ladyfriend. our outings to restaurants are evolving into what every woman and mother hopes to achieve out of the “lunch date.” it’s a sacred time where we can share secrets, talk deeply about our feelings. darla shares “my booty scares dirt away” with me and i impart the wisdom of not dangling her feet through the railing because her boot may fall off and clunk someone in the head. you know. the foundational conversations of life.

-crossing things off the to do list

-making travel plans

-giving myself a break. realizing i don’t have to be it all.

-concerts!!!! lots of them on the horizon.

-the many kisses frequently bestowed on me. even if they happen to usually be on a weird place like my knee, thigh, elbow, or most frequently: my butt. it’s at eye level for her.



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