dear salty sailor,

i don’t really know where to begin. so i guess we’ll start with the basics:

you are gone. i am here. i am lonely. i’m missing you. darla is here. she makes me happy. she also makes me want to stick my head under water. she misses you. she doesn’t miss you. she’s fickle. she’s three.

that about covers it.


i kid. i kid.

i’m sitting here next to a little girl who fell asleep watching The Triplets of Belleville. I’m happy to say she adores the movie and it’s gotten me a’thaynkin’: we should keep The Illusionist in mind as a present for some occasion. i’d love to have it in the library for her since it was the first movie she saw in the theater. we’re still pretending we didn’t take her to see Bruno, right?

life threw me some curveballs this week but i’m happy to say things are all working out. all is continuing to be very steady and even keel. i know this should be a good thing but you know me; i’m getting antsy.

luckily i have all our summer travel planning to keep me busy. it is going to be great. this summer just ain’t gonna stop. i have high hopes for some memory making with Darla. it’s amazing to me some of the stuff she pulls out of her memory now that she can convey it to me. i’m afraid the girl remembers more than we counted on. you’re going to have to re-hide your candyland stash of money.

we received our valentine’s from you yesterday in the mail and it made my heartache. i think one of the really good things about you being gone is we get to connect through our writing again. i think it’s one of the reasons we fell in love. i certainly was floored by your way with words and still am. i’m very thankful you are able to email this work tour. i’m hoping it will keep us close this time around.

also, i’m sorry about that michael landon thing. you’re right. he did have big ears.

you have perfect ears and i love you,



2 thoughts on “dear salty sailor,

  1. holy cosmo’s factory! we’ve really got some sorta psychic connection going, dear. maybe its been so strong lately because i’m directly on the other side of the earth. we must have established some sort of telepathic axis. i was in a store in yokohama just a few days ago and was thiiiiiiis close to picking up a japanese copy of the illusionist for d-la-la. i decided against it b/c 1) it was expensive and 2) its french, not japanese. didn’t feel right, so i got her something EVEN COOLER. you’ll both have to wait and see it though

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