the last of our christmastime festivities are wrapping up today and tomorrow it’s back to columbus to pack up and settle into our new abode. i’ll share our past week with you now, while i watch the fellowship of the ring. ahhhh holiday traditions.

first up: the wright stuff











1 & 2: family viewing of new muppets movie. popcorn overturned after 8 seconds in the theater.  3: lunch  4: salt dough ornaments with aunt colleen and cousin clarebear  5: upon discovering her stocking she exclaimed “what in the world is in here!” 6: opening presents and goodies with grandma  7, 8 & 9: so much enjoyment from a pair of wings and a lollipop  10: said lollipop  11: she said she was knitting a “thneed” with her new tent poles.

these last three pictures i’ve saved for a section of their own. the best part of christmas this year was seeing the littlest cousinfriends together. they have a relationship all their own now and they L-O-V-E each other like whoa. I want to go on record as saying that with this move mike and i weren’t sure, at first, if we were going to stay in columbus. we love this city but it’s not our forever spot. we considered moving on while we still have a flexible life but decided the reason for staying a bit longer is for these sassafrassies right here. there’s no guarantee that fortuna will bestow brothers or sisters or more cousins upon either girl. we owe them the opportunity to develop a strong bond. i say that if we give it one more year these girls will have a established a relationship that time and distance won’t be able to asunder.





3 thoughts on “holidaze

  1. I LOVE the pictures of the two girls together…..they are so darling!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy, Happy New Year!

  2. I’m thinking how fortunate we’ve each been to have same gender cousins born same year for me, you and Darla. It’s wonderful to see the pictures of them enjoying each other. I need to give you some pics of me and my cousin and more of you and Bridget so you can create a collage……….what fun!

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