stocking stuffers

well my reality check of yesterday has been cashed and i’m back to buying stuff and wanting more stuff. eh. i’ll work on my consumerism next year.

when i found this a few weeks ago i H-A-D to get it for someone, some three, some me, persons. will you be receiving this from me as a stocking stuffer? time will only tell….

i don’t know why i haven’t thought of gifting butter products before. if you know me, which you probs do, then it is obvious why i am picking BUTTER. it’s basically picking me.

but scratch under that shallow surface and there is also a better butter reason.

sorry, butter pun. couldn’t resist.

Butter’s nail polishes are all formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp, all of which are toxic chemicals. yeah, did you know formaldehyde is in your nail polish? the stuff they put on dead people to embalm them.  darla likes to have her nails painted so i have picked up some non-toxic nail polish options just to feel a little bit better about the process. and i just generally like having non-toxic products on my body. just me though.

buuuut really it’s just the name that gets me. if it’s called butter chances are that i’ll buy it.

amazon’s got lots of selections for butter. some good colors here. here and here. you can still get it in plenty of time for christmas and definitely in time for new year’s parties. winky winky.

kinda kicking myself that i didn’t pick up this color as well. fail.

black knight

oh well. butter luck next time!

what a killah sense of humor…


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