per request

here’s a pic of the sheep coat. ta-da!!!

it’s quite warm. i purchased this woolly number in wilmington, north carolina, which was climatologically odd, but it was love at first sight. the shop, edge of urge, had a tantalizingly unique shoe collection. they seemed to have every jeffrey campbell shoe available in stock. i also obsessed over their melissa shoes for about 4 days but got over it because i couldn’t rationalize spending 80 bucks on a pair of jellies. i bought some jessica simpson platforms instead and all has been well since.

well……except for the time that i wore those platforms to walk darla and my cousin downtown and to the park and it was all a disaster and i don’t know why i thought wearing platforms to a park was a good idea… the jelly flats probably would have been better in that scenario.

hmmmm. what else?

because i’m in a sharing mood

here’s the girl’s excitement when we give her a tic tac. sometimes she’s easy to please.

that’s all. bye!

*btw, PETA, i think it’s fake fur so don’t come after me with paint. thanks a mil.


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