homemade holiday decorations DOS

more family craftiness that i now sit back and say… “why did i think this was a good idea?”

we use a sombrero as a tree topper instead of a star or angel. why? i don’t know. it’s what we had handy last year. also, i think the traditions around the mexican christmas seem very fun and lively.

so we use a sombrero.

this year i thought it would be a good idea to hang streamers in festive mexican colors around the house.

it looks like a pinata threw up in here.

but it’s been fun and it’s certainly not something you see anywhere else. probably because it doesn’t really look that tasteful. but we have fun doing it!

it involves a lot of taping and cutting. the end result is rather festive, especially when coupled with a popcorn garland. regular christmas colors can get a little boring after a while.  it’s also making me want to do a homemade pinata for christmas. they do that down in mexico for christmas, yes?


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