complete rundown on my staycation

here’s a minute by minute recount of my time alone.

3:53 – checked in to my room

3:55 – opened my beer

3:58 – ran around the room opening cabinets, minifridge, jumped on bed, took pics of said room.

4:05 – blogged about said room.

4:20 – stalked all of you on facebook

4:32 – got lonely

4:38 – started having anxiety about what husband will feed daughter for dinner. resisted urge to call and micromanage

4:40 – stared at the wall

4:42 – read

5:20 – started beauty rituals. really turned the luxury dial up to 11 with such beauty routines as: clipping my fingernails, using moisturizer, tweezing brows.

6:00 – got dressed

6:18 – called cab to take me to mouton

6:36 – arrived at mouton. 30 minutes early for lady date with my new fav gal pal

6:40 – played on iphone while internally chastising myself for being so out of touch with “going out” that i thought i would need a full half hour to cab 2 miles

6:46 – struck up awkward conversations with barkeep

6:50 – thank gawd a friend called me

7:10 – friendly friend shows up. we get drunk. i completely loose track of time.

12 midnight – back at hotel. in bed.

8:45 am – i am awakened.

8:47 – chug water. chug water. chug water.

8:50 – back asleep

10:00 – back up. getting packed. feeling satisfied.

10:50 – downstairs waiting for my family. missing my family. early again. twice in 24 hrs is really rare for me since i’m perpetually 15 minutes late.

11:10 – family arrives. husband had factored in my perpetual 15 min lag. reunited. off for a family fun day.

all my expectations for the evening were met and accomplished with a triumphant momma zest.


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