dear salty internet friends,

oh yeah. i know you’re salty, too. mike’s back but the weekly updates won’t stop. smiles!

somethings that need to be said about life now that mike is back:

i spend my more self righteous moments making claims that i hold my family together by taking darla on single-handedly while mike is away. the reality that i love and abhor to admit is that i’m barely half the equation. the things mike does for this family are amazing. AND he does it without a thought of recognition. i, on the other hand, always want to hear my praises sung from the castle tops. reminder: i’m self centered. he’s gone for 3 months, works 12+ hour days when he is on tour and then comes back home to us and ALWAYS jumps back in without missing a step, like he’s never been gone.

if we switched places i would probably get a divan from rent-a-center for my first week home and place it right in the center of our most used room. i’d then commence with a big theatrical performance of how hard a transition it is. i’d repose on that divan all week sighing and squinting a lot. and my hand would probably be draped across my forehead 93% of the time. i’d also be wearing a hoop skirt just because… anyways, that’s the difference between us and that’s why we’re best suited for our current roles.

with that being said, i have to do the public acknowledgement thing again and say thank you to my husband for his help around the house. you have no idea how much it means to me to have a partner running this house.

i recently used the analogy of the wizard of oz to describe how mike being home revolutionizes my world. it can not even be described as a 180. he picks me up and sets me down in a completely different land when he returns. his twister blows in and stirs things up, carries us away, and then we eventually settle into a life routine that is really beautiful, vivid and full of adventures. yes, he is a storm. i mean, having a third body and mind in the house is a lot to recalibrate. more ideas and thoughts to be listened to. another body to be danced around. and oh the syncopation of the bathroom schedules. ladies, you understand? sharing a bathroom with a boy….ewwwww! but i’ll take it!!!!!

i’ll leave you with a few pics and then one last thought. more pics from our week will be added later. running a busy life means less time to blog about busy life.

some of my favorite pics of the week

i feel like sharing this thought:

there’s a big focus and push to continuously make life easier in our culture. i’ve learned that it’s the times when life is hard, so difficult that you don’t know if you can go on any longer, when your life has spun so far out of control that all you can do is dance in the eye of the storm – those times are the most important. those are the times you can’t afford to miss. those times are the living, breathing, oozing, pulsating elements. because even if you fuck it all up today the sun will still rise tomorrow. live for the hard times.


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